Monday, December 2, 2019



Attention! We will have a donation box in our classroom until winter break to send needed items to a elementary school in Vuelta Granda, Guatemala
where the school and many of the children who attend do not have access to
these items. These donations will be sent through the Dream Volunteers club
at Aptos High School. Pizza Party for winning group who brings the most donations

Donate the following:
Children Books in Spanish or English
Clothing-especially sweat shirts, T-shirts, jeans in good condition
School Supplies-crayons, markers, colored pencils, art supplies, dry erase markers, etc.

We need three chaperones to attend the field trip this Friday. You may drive separately
to Monte Vista in Corralitos to see their performance of Elf. Please let me know if you are available and willing!

Science Fair Projects begin soon. Here is the link for the Science Fair Projects:

This is an optional project and will be designated as  extra credit in Science.

The Spelling Bee will be held this Wednesday in class to determine the two representatives from our class that will participate in the school-wide Spelling Bee.

Our Poetry Recital Cafe will be Wednesday, December 18th. Students chose their poems today and are in the process of writing their own.

Our Holiday White Elephant party will be on Thursday, December 19th.

In Math we are working on Ratios and Percents this week

In reading we kicked off our unit on "Animal Allies"

In Science we are starting our environmental projects

Next week we will be taking the MAP test.

Reading-Newsela Great Pacific Garbage + Quiz
Math-L 5.5 due Wednesday (Percents)
Writing - Finish couplet poem
Sign up for Environment Project

Reading 25 min. AR
Math Finish 5.5 %
Finish Writing Problem/Solution Poem
Science Environment Project Research
Practice Reciting Famous Poem
Field Trip Form
Guatemala Donations

Read Newsela on how Racism affects health + Quiz
Math - Finish 5.6 Using Percents
Writing-Do 1/2 of Problem Poem final draft
Guatemala Donations

Finish L 5.7 + Study for 5.5-5.7 Quiz
Finish Poem final draft
Guatemala Donations (SEE ABOVE)


If student(s) choose to participate, submit bottom portion of the sign up sheet by Friday, December 13th.

We will not be printing packets. Click link above to find out the directions.

These projects are to be completed at home and are due Wednesday, January 29th to the classroom.

Students may work in groups 1-3 students

Only grades 4th-6th can move on to County and State Level.

Thursday, January 30th will be the Science Fair Judging. That night students and parents can tour the Science Fair from 6:30-7:30pm

Friday, January 31st School Tour of Projects

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