Friday, August 28, 2015

Week of AUGUST 31st-SEPTEMBER 4th

Class Update  
Reading - This week we continue our exciting study of "Nature's Fury" by reading a story about Volcanoes. Our reading comprehension skill focus is on Classifying and Categorizing in nonfiction text.

Common Core Math
-Adding + Subtracting/Mulitplying Decimals

Writing - This week our focus in writing is how to write an effective 5-Paragraph essay and intro to your narrative writing when we write about our biggest frustrations in life.
History-Continue Explorers Unit
Technology-Typing Web, NewsELA, 10 Marks Math

Reading-NewsELA-Read- Lava path leads to small Hawaii town
Math-Finish L10+Finish 10 Marks
Correct and return work
Choose a book for Cereal Box Project

Math-Finish L11+Do next 10 Marks
Choose a book for Cereal Box Project
Create a Quizlet acct. 
See study guide on Blog for History Test-Next Wednesday, September 9th

Reading-Read "Is Screen Time Killing You?" in Science World + 
Do Google Classroom Activity
Math-Finish L12+Do next 10 Marks
Login to Quizlet with your google acct.
Find Mr. Sweet Room 12 
Send request to join.
Create New Set
Create Quizlet with study guide on Blog for History Test-Next Wednesday, September 9th
(Due Friday) 

Reading-Read for 25 minutes
Math-Do next 10 Marks
Finish/Study Quizlet
Study for DLR 3


Monday, August 24, 2015

AUGUST 24-28th


In reading our class is continuing our unit of study on the forces of nature by reading, "Eye of the Storm" about Warren Faidley, a storm chasing photographer. Our reading skill focus is "text organization". We watched a brief documentary on youtube to learn about this amazing photographer.

This week in writing we will be working on writing an effective, well-organized paragraph. Each student will choose a hobby to write about. This will pave the way for the next assignment in the coming weeks when we start our 5-paragraph essays. Our focus is on organization (topic, specifics and details).

In Math we will be doing lesson 5-8 on place value, decimals with multiplying and dividing.

Math-Finish L5+Practice 144 second club 3 times
Sign Goal Sheet AR + Parents-due tomorrow
Correct + return work for a better grade
Book Orders due Friday

Read Science World p. 18+19 (Do summary) on green paper
Math-Finish L6+Practice 144 second club 3 times
Book Orders due Friday(Do not do online) send in form
Finish Tornado Google Doc, if necessary

Reading-25/4/1 on Green Sheet
Math-Finish L7
Book Orders due Friday(Do not do online) send in form

Reading-NewsELA-Forecasts, warnings spared lives from tornadoes
+ Take Quiz
Finish Rough Draft of Hobby Paragraph + Edit 
Math-Finish L9
Study DLR 2 for quiz
Book Orders due Friday(Do not do online) send in form

Friday, August 14, 2015

WEEK OF AUGUST 17th-21st

5th Grade Update-

We have a wonderful class this year with 30 fifth graders.  They are excited, focused and fun to teach! It's certainly going to be a memorable! You may sign up for a Parent Volunteer time here on this google doc:

Please let me know if you do not receive an email from me as I entered all of the parent emails into my Comcast acct, but sometimes it glitches. Also, please do not "reply all" unless necessary! After the first couple of emails I will "bcc" the info emails.

ELA- This week our class will kick off our study of "Nature's Fury" by reading a story entitled, Earthquake Terror and focus on "Sequence of Events" as our reading skill. In reading we will be taking our online Star Test to help establish our Accelerated Reader Goals for the first trimester. I will send home the goal sheet this week. We will also be reading nonfiction NEWSELA articles at home.
In addition, we will be reading Science World together.

In writing our class will be starting our Bio Poems.

In Math we started the new curriculum, Engage NY, and it is certainly a challenging new way of learning math. We are focusing on decimals, place value and powers of 10 in this first Module.

History-We start our unit of study on the Explorers.

Papers will go home on Mondays and students may correct their mistakes in BLUE pen and return them for better grades. Also, if your child is struggling in any assignment, I am available every day before school from 7:40-7:55 to help, especially in Math!

See you at school!
Mr. Sweet

Reading-25-4-1 (Read 25 minutes and write a summary of your reading that is one-paragraph/at least 4 sentences
Math- Finish Lesson 1 Homework
Finish Google Class Assignments
Sign and Turn in paperwork from office

Reading-25/4/1 - Write summary on green sheet
Math-Finish L2 Homework
Writing-Finish Bio Poem Rough Draft/proofread
Finish Bookmarks

Reading-25/4/1 - Read 25 minutes + write summary on green sheet
Math-Finish L3 Homework
Writing-Finish Bio Poem Final Drafts on white paper

Reading-Read assigned NEWSELA article on Nepal Earthquake + Take Quiz
Math - Finish L4
Google Classroom-Do Earthquake Brainpop Activity
Study for DLR Test tomorrow

Monday, August 10, 2015

1st Week of School!

Welcome back to school! I hope everybody had a fun and restful summer because we hit the ground running this Thursday! I can't wait to meet all of you as we begin a new adventure in learning together this year!

SUPPLIES that your will need for the new year: 
* 1 Box of Crayola Markers*.5 inch Round Ring White Binder for Common Core Math (important) 
(1.99 on Amazon)

* Zippered pencil pouch
* 2 Black Sharpies* One spiral notebook
* Binder paper 
* 2 Red ballpoint pens 
* 2 Blue ballpoint pens 
* 2 #2 pencils 
* 2 Pencil Sharpeners 
* Low-odor Dry Erase EXPO Markers (for math white-boards)
* One sock (for erasing the white boards) 

Mr. Sweet

Read through parent letter 
Sign and return forms
Login to NewsELA Code:
Login Name-First, Last
Password-AR Password
Login to Google Classroom