Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Back to School!

Read through parent letter 
Sign and return forms (After School, Parent E-mail Form)From Cubby
Login to Google Classroom with code: 
Do the Google Class activity and submit

SUPPLIES that your child will need for the new year: 
* 1 Box of Crayola Markers
* Zippered pencil pouch
* Binder paper 
* 2 Red ballpoint pens 
* 2 Blue ballpoint pens 
* 2 #2 pencils 
* 2 Pencil Sharpeners 
* Low-odor Dry Erase EXPO Markers (for math white-boards)
* One sock (for erasing the white boards) to 
* Ear buds if you prefer (Headphones will be provided)

If you would like to donate:

The Basics
  • Kleenex
  • Plug in Air Fresheners: Hawaiian/Tropical Scent
  • Clorox wipes for cleaning desks
  • Hand sanitizer (pump bottles)
  • fun pencils / erasers (for the raffle box)
  • candy/little gift certificates/toys for raffle box
Other Needs

  • $$ to our class fund (I have made several purchases for our room already. For example, I've purchased curriculum, supplies, and an annual subscription to my online gradebook $20)
  • Gift Certificates to Palace Art Supply, STAPLES or Amazon.com are always appreciated

Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Enjoy your summer!



Thursday, May 25, 2017

WEEK OF MAY 22nd-26th

Bring a few different plastic water bottles!
Sign and return Family Life Form
Study for Constitution Test

5th Grade-Ch. 10 Social Studies Test-Last one of the year!
What is it called when one branch of government can limit the power of the other two branches?
What does this mean? “We the people….establish this Constitution for the U.S. ?
Meanings: a democracy, an ideal, liberty, federal, commerce, delegates
About which question did the delegates at the Const. Conv. argue?
What problem was highlighted by the Shay's Rebellion?
What is federalism and who founded the party?
What does the 6th Amendment give us the right to?
Why were the 10 Amendments added to the Constitution?
Why are there 3 branches of the federal government?

Short Answer
What was the original purpose of the Constitutional Convention?
What agreement did the delegates at the Constitutional Convention of 1787?
Why did the writers of the Constitution define the powers of the national government?
What does it mean that the U.S. is a republic?
Understand the 3 branches of Government and what they each do
What is the Bill of Rights? Choose two amendments that are most important to you and explain what they are and
why they are important to you.
What role did George Washington play in forming and serving in the first national government of the U.S.?

Monday, May 15, 2017

WEEK OF MAY 15-19th

Newsela: Fidget Toys + Quiz
Math-Moby Max 20 min.
Spelling-Study 25 States
for Final Test on Friday
+ Make at least 10-State/Capital Kahoot
(Due Friday)
Memorize Play Lines/Songs

Geography Packet : 20 min.
Finish History Wkbk p. 101-102
Work on Songs

Read 20 min. AR
ilike2learn 15 min. (State Test Friday)
Finish Brainstorm Genius Hour
Finish Kahoots

Reading Optional
Study States and Spelling
Moby Max Social Studies 15 min.

Monday, May 8, 2017

WEEK OF MAY 8-12th

Dear Parents and Students,
Thank you for showing up to Open House last Thursday! It was quite a turnout and it was wonderful to see everybody singing together.
This week is testing week....hooray!
We will not have homework other than finishing up our AR Goal, along with finishing the Newspaper Book Project, which is due this Friday, May 12th. As always, please make sure that your child gets a good night sleep and a healthy breakfast.

Thursday's Field Trip Drivers to UCSC LifeLab
at 9:15 a.m.

Debra W (4 students with Seat belts)
Michele I. (4)
Kimberley H. (4)
Carlos G. (5)
Julie C. (6)
Shary C. (3)
Byron (4)
Michelle L. (4)

Only 17 more days of school!
Mr. Sweet

Reading AR
Memorize Play Lines
Study State Spelling
Newspaper Book Project Due this Friday

Return Blue Boardwalk Field Trip
Form w/$ or Specify "Pass" Due May 19th
Newspaper Book Project Due Friday

Bring Lunch! Field Trip tomorrow
Newspaper Book Project Due Friday

Monday, May 1, 2017

WEEK OF MAY 1st-5th

Newsela + Quiz: NBA suggests kids take
 time off the court for other sports
Science: Study for Test on Friday
Spelling/Vocabulary: Make a
Kahoot with 1-10 in Spelling Vocabulary
Practice Play Lines/Listen to Songs
Open House is on Thursday from 6:30-7:30pm
Sign and Return Field Trip Form w/$5

Math 10 Marks
Science: Study for Test on Friday
Spelling/Vocabulary: Make a
Kahoot with 1-10 in Spelling Vocabulary
Practice Play Lines/Listen to Songs
Sign and Return Field Trip Form w/$5
Finish Middle Ages Art Project

Math p. 264-266 in Wkbk-Dividing Fractions
Science: Study for Test on Friday
Spelling/Vocabulary: Make a
Kahoot with 1-10 in Spelling Vocabulary
Newspaper Book Project

Come to Open House!
Finish Math p. 198-201 Review
Study Vocab/Spelling
Study Science for Test
Newspaper Book Project Due next Friday, May 12th.

Monday, April 24, 2017

WEEK OF 4/24-4/28

Reading-Newsela: Women's Hockey + Quiz
Math-p. 123+124 in Home Connections Wkbk
Practice Lines for Cookie Court (Dress Up)
Bring a lunch!
Jog a Thon Sponsors for running

Study Vocabulary Words (Make a Kahoot with 15 vocab words)
Have parents/students download AURASMA App
Next, sign up and follow this: http://auras.ma/s/5WwAg
(For Open House Video Activity)
Practice app in class tomorrow!

Study Vocabulary Words (Make a Kahoot with 15 vocab words)
Have parents/students download AURASMA App
Next, sign up and follow this: http://auras.ma/s/5WwAg
Moby Max 15 min. MATH

Study Vocab
Newspaper Book Project
Math-Finish + Review Math Pre-Assessment
Practice Middle Ages Speech (Film yourself!) 2-5min.
Finish Science Workbook p. 80-85

Monday, April 17, 2017

WEEK OF 4/17-4/21

Read Newsela: Court/Branches of Gov't + Quiz
Math: Moby Max 15 min.
Newspaper Book Project 15 min.
Fill out Green Field Trip Permission Slip
Create a Quizlet with meanings for first 10 Vocab Words:
Due Friday

Read 20 min,
Math-p.119-122 Home Connections
Science-Moby Max(Digestive System)
Progress Reports: Get signed and returned
Go to Cantine for Rio Rock Restaurant Night
See Bella!

Read 20 Min.
Math-10 Marks: Classifying Triangles
Vocabulary Quizlets Due tomorrow
Science Moby Max 10 Minutes
Study Cookie Court Lines if in play

Read 20 min.
Math : Moby Max 15 min.
Vocab/DLR-Study for tests
Newspaper Book Project


Monday, April 10, 2017

WEEK OF 4/10-4/13

Read Heart Surgeon Newsela + Quiz
Spelling Vocab.-Choose 10 of
Vocab words: Write definition and -DUE THURSDAY
Draw an illustration that shows meaning
Bring Lunch tomorrow and be on time

Correct and Return Work
Study Spelling Vocab for Quiz tomorrow
Math-10 Marks Coordinate plane and Polygons
Sign and return Green Field Trip Form


Friday, March 24, 2017

MARCH 27-31st

Homework Monday
Read 20 Min.
Spelling Vocab-Write each spelling mistake 3 times in blue (started in class)
+ Vocal-Write your own sentence using the word correctly. Or, write a middle ages
story with the words used correctly in context. 
Study for Science Test!
Math - Do p. 36+37 Graphing on Coordinate Plane/Mystery Shape

Homework Tuesday
Read 20 Min.
Spelling Vocab-Due Friday(see above)
Finish Science Wkbk - p. 3-47 Due Wednesday
Math - Do p. 50-51 Graphing on Coordinate Plane/Mystery Shape
+ 10 Marks Due Friday
Party Thursday! 

Read 20 Min. + Choose Book for Newspaper Book Project
(Google Classroom)
Vocab Due Friday
Math 10 Marks due Friday
Party tomorrow! Dress up in PJs and bring Stuffies


In Reading our class kicks off an amazing book entitled Crispin by Avi. The setting of the book is in Stromford, England in the 1300's. Crispin deals with the theme of the "diamond in the rough" and some pretty intense situations...the Plague, Feudalism, betrayal, perseverance, and much more. This week's reading strategies and skill focus will be in Predicting Outcomes and Summarizing. In this book we will also do spelling and challenging vocabulary weekly. We took our Spelling/Vocab pre-test today so they have the words and the meanings are on this page. At the top, click Spelling Vocab tab to see the words and meanings. The test will be Friday.

In Math we will be kicking off our new unit of study on Geometry

In Science we wrap up the Periodic Table Unit of Study with the test on Tuesday and we begin the Body Systems Unit. Ask your child what they have learned about Grossology!

Our class won their second class-earned party! We voted today on a Stuffed Animal and PJ Party with Pizza and Rootbeer Floats and the Jurassic Park original movie. Let me know if you would like to help out at the party with Pizza pickup, or Root Beer Floats

Finally, our big Talent Show is on Friday and we have a couple students involved: Janie, Charlotte, Coral, Elyssa and Jillian. 
At 1:15 we have the Big Spin in the Cafeteria followed by Spring Break!

Please remember to check your child's progress at iGrade.com and sign in under student with the login/pass that you created earlier this year. I would love to see more kids get on the Honor Roll in the last trimester!

When we get back from spring break we have a field trip on Tuesday, April 11th, to the Tech Museum. (This was the trip that was previously cancelled and then rescheduled)
Here are the drivers that signed up:
Bryon R. (4 students with seatbelts)
Sargon J. (4)
Michelle L. (4)
Shane C.(4) if paperwork is finalized
Julie C. (6)
Kim H. (6)

Carlos G. (5)

Please let me know if you can NOT drive and signed up. Have a great weekend!