Friday, September 25, 2020


 WEEK OF 9/28-10/2

Dear Parents,

This week we will be MAP testing Monday-Friday. Please make sure your child has a quiet place to focus. On Monday and Tuesday it will be Reading MAP and Wednesday and Thursday will be Math MAP followed by makeups on Friday. Here are the items to be picked up on Monday from 8am-6pm. There is a new Asia Map and Bingo sheet along with Grammar warmups along with  work to be returned that was graded. Have a great weekend and let me know if you have any questions.

Mr. Sweet

Asynchronous Work Monday

Pick up these items today in the cafeteria from 8am-6pm. . Remember to wear a mask if you go inside to pick them up!

New Asia Map and Bingo sheet 

DLR (Daily Language Review)Grammar warmup packet

Graded work to be returned

Turn in any makeup work or extra credit

Makeup any unfinished work (zeros) in the gradebook

Asynchronous Tuesday

  • Library! Check out a book and I will put them out for you on bench for Monday.
  • Check AR Goal Update through November 6th (20% of grade in ELA)
  • Finish Hatchet Chapter 12 Comprehension
  • Finish Math Workbook in Dividing Mixed #s p. 40-42
  • Chat Mr. Sweet your login/password for 10 pts participation ELA
  • Begin NEATLY labeling the Countries and Bodies of Water on Asia Map. (Try to get 10 done today)


iGrade Book sign in name/password: Chat it to Mr. Sweet

Ketchups makeup missed assignments

Optional: Begin Math 2.3 Divide by mixed #s

Monday, September 21, 2020

Week of 9/21-9/25

 Monday Asynchronous Work

Read 30 min. Take AR quizzes

Finish Reading Chapter 7

“Ketchup” Makeup Zeros 

“Relish” if you have all of your work completed

Tuesday Asynchronous Learning

Read Chapter 9 Hatchet +  Comprehension (30 min.)

AR 30 Min. Reading

Finish Math-Finish Workbook pages 31-34

Optional: work ahead on Big Ideas 2.1 Multiplication of Fractions

Read 2 Articles on the Sumerians Week 6 Historic Times Begin

Do Bonus Questions and Questions

Optional : Africa Map Practice:

Wednesday Asynchronous Learning

AR 30 min. + Quizzes

Finish Math Lesson 2.1 Mult Fractions

Read Newsela on Sumerians and take quiz

Finish Brainpop Quiz if you didn't already

Africa Map Practice:

Thursday, 9/24

Asynchronous Learning

  • Accelerated Reading : 30min.

  • Studies Weekly: Week 6 Continue Questions/Bonus/Videos 2 sections

  • Finish Math 2.2 Dividing Fractions Big Ideas on Computer

  • Africa Practice for test tomorrow:

Check Grades on iGrade

Extra Credit?

Friday Asynchronous Learning

Finish Sumerian Documentary 10 Facts (Do more for extra-credit)

Google Classroom Activity

Do AR 30 min. for those not caught up close to goal

Relish Crew: Enjoy your weekend!

Ketchups: Do all of your makeup work not finished til 3pm.

Monday, September 14, 2020


Asynch Work Monday

Make sure parents pick up packets for the week today

Read 30 min. AR Book

Do Math Review from Chapter 1 on BIG ideas math on the computer

Do Extra Credit opportunities, if you wish

Finish Chapter 1 comprehension page from Hatchet in packet

Do any makeup work...see iGrades

Asynchronous Tuesday: 

Take Studies Weekly Quiz Week 3

Finish Math Quiz

Finish Reading Comprehension Ch. 2 Hatchet

Read 30 min.!


Mrs. Jones Principal Slide Show

Asynchronous Work Wednesday

Reading - Finish Chapter 4 in Hatchet + do comprehension questions

Math - Finish Quiz 1.4-1.6 on p. 44 in book on paper we created/or you printed

Crossword Word Search in packet (Go to ELA classwork in google classroom for words)

Study Africa Map for quiz on Friday.....
Optional: Extra Credit Hatchet!

Asynchronous Thursday Work

Writing: finish first two pages of your Narrative Story. Use dialogue and different ways to say “said”

Math: Finish Practice Chapter Test/Turn in Quiz 1.4-1.6 in Google Classroom with pic of paper (You can use breakout groups to help each other!)

Finish Chapter 5 + Comprehension Questions

This packet is due Monday (Do a little of Word Search)

Friday Asynchronous Work

Finish Chapter 6 + Comprehension Questions

Finish Chapter 1 Math Test on Computer and submit/turn in

Finish Hatchet Packet by Monday

Remind your parents for Monday pickup/drop off:

Dropping Off : Africa Map



Picking Up:

  1. White Board and Markers

  2. Math papers for tests/quizzes

  3. New Science World

  4. Hatchet Packet

Exciting intros to our narratives shared from today!
Bianca Bogaard Medinilla
10:59 AM
Rrrrrh went the car when we stoped in the parking lot of the SPCA.
Lila Crigger
10:59 AM
Foe my intro I starting by telling my location and who I was with
Derek Allen
10:59 AM
I sprinted out the car, bag on my shoulders, trying to get to practice on time
Dylan DiPalma
10:59 AM
I ran down the trail on my way to a great breakfast
Emma Votava
11:00 AM
"Happy Birthday to you," I sang. It was my friend's birthday and we were all huddled around the cake. I was having a blast, and I had no idea what was to come.
Lila Crigger
11:00 AM
Over the summer My cousins and I went to Sunriver, Oregon.
Jace Sandman
11:00 AM
Sirens where being herd from a distance from my house
Dylan Bergh
11:01 AM
Smack the sound of my ankle rocking my ankle against a rock sceeming in pain just like my little brother crieing
Ella Inderlied
11:01 AM
"I'm gonna fall," i thought, "and this snow will be my icy grave!"
Leah Nelson
11:01 AM
Smack! I slammed onthe ground like a bomb hitting the ground
Simone Narog
11:01 AM
"Neigh," I was in a world of wonder; me and my horse were both experiencing something new, I was excited for what had to come.
Layla Higgins
11:02 AM
have you ever wandered what it feels like when a river raft flipped over, and you get held under the water for 5 seconds?
Jada Francis
11:03 AM
"Oh my gosh! I just saw a stingray!" I shouted from the boat, my finger following the dark shape moving silently on the ocean floor
Octavia Jarrett
11:03 AM
¨Bing" the text went.I paused that entertaining tella novella i was watching to check my social life.I stared at it, It stared back. I let the tears that were building up in my eyes release. One by one they started trickling out.
Cole McGillicuddy
11:04 AM
are you ready for your baseball game?
my dad asked
David Samples
11:04 AM
!crack i fell to the ground onto a uneven brick braking my arm !
Cole McGillicuddy
11:05 AM
"Are you ready for your baseball game?" my dad asked.
Makena Fernandez
11:05 AM
boom he hit of the baceball slammed against my face
Hayden Weber
11:05 AM
Zoom! my brother just started dashing towards me
Andre Johnston
11:05 AM
i was playing tag and then i fell and broke my rist
Elleson Mumford
11:05 AM
Are we gonna write our little part hook and then say whathappening in the first part?
John Niswonger
11:05 AM
swoosh!! flyng down the mountien haveing fun thinking nothing can stop me everthing was good till...

Jada Francis
11:06 AM
I floated on my back, trying to take in every detail. The smell, the noises, the warm touch of the water against my skin
Dakota Bamford
11:07 AM
we were just getting ready for a lovely hike but we didn't know that we were going to get traped in a place of lonesomeness.

Alyena Sampson
11:10 AM
have you ever went kayaking and you were at the end of the boat and your legs were under the boat and a big rock comes and scrapes all of the bottom of your legs and it hurts a lot and you have lots of scrapes and scratches on your legs
Octavia Jarrett
11:10 AM
¨Bing¨ the text went. I paused that trashy tella novella i was partly watching to check my social life. i stared at it, it stared back. I let the tears that were building up release. One by one they started trickling out.

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Week of 9/8-9/11

 Dear Parents, 

This Tuesday please:

Drop off Name Flags, Science World Magazine + Science World Finished Packet

Please pick up a Science Workbook, and two Writer's Workshop papers.

See picture below.

Have a great week!

As a reminder, the cafeteria is open 8am-6pm.

Asynchronous Work:  Tuesday

  • Check grades on iGrade/Finish and return zeros, then chat Mr. Sweet

  • Finish Big ideas Math 1.4 Prime Factorization -due tomorrow

  • Make sure your parents: Drop off Name Flags, Science World Magazine + Science World Finished Packet

    into the bin.Please pick up a Science Workbook, and two Writer's Workshop papers.

    See picture above.

  • AR 30 Minutes + Take Quizzes!

  • If not finished, complete the Africa map coloring/labeling for Bingo tomorrow.

Wednesday Asynchronous Work

  • Finish timeline for BTH writer’s workshop + draw and color pics

  • Read 30 min. AR

  • Work for 30 min. On Studies Weekly Week 3 (Ancient Man)

  • Finish Big ideas Math 1.5 on Big Ideas

Thursday Asynchronous Work

  • Create another flipgrid on: "Describe a time that you got in trouble and what you learned from it."   DUE FRIDAY

  • Reading 30 min. AR + Take Quizzes (See AR progress on Resource Page)

  • Math : Finish Workbook 1.6 LCM p. 25-27

  • History: For 20 min...Read and finish Week 3 “Earliest Humans” and watch videos and so the questions/bonus.

Friday’s Asynchronous Work

  • Finish Math L1.6 and any other math not finished(You can go to Khan and review all 6 lessons)

  • I like 2 learn

  • Check iGrade and finish zeros and chat Mr. Sweet

  • Do Newsela Article Assigned on September 11th. Student's perspective

  • Journal Prompt: 

  • Friday, September 11th:

What happened on 9/11/01?
  • How did it make you feel? What can we learn from it and apply to the times we are living through?

  • Finish Flipgrid

  • Finish Studies Weekly Earliest Humans Week 3

  • Parents pickup packets for Writer’s Workshop/Story and Hatchet Packet on MONDAY 8am - 6pm

Saturday, August 29, 2020

August 31-September 4th

Monday’s Asynchronous Work

Math: Finish workbook pages 1.3 p.11-14

Writing: Journal Topic: Monday, August 31st

Describe your favorite stuffed animal as a child.

Google Classroom Picture Activity: Download and share a very recent picture of you up close of your face for our class pic.

Science World : Read p.8-11 + first page of packet “Beats for your Brain”

Finish Studies Weekly #1 by Thursday

Tuesday’s Asynch Work

  • Reading AR 30 min.

  • Math Finish 1.3 BIM

  • Flipgrid


  • (Only 26/32 kids have done the “Earliest Childhood Memory” I’m grading them tomorrow for ELA speaking grade.

  • Journal Prompt: Tuesday, September 1st

What is one thing that you think kids should be able to do, but they are not allowed? Why? Explain

  • Science World- Read p. 12-15 in Science World then do Mac n Cheese Please/Disappearing Hives in packet

  • Go to Science World website and sign in with code “Rioroom20”

Wednesday’s Asynchronous Work

30 min. AR + Take quizzes

Finish Week 1 in Studies Weekly Online Questions/Videos/Bonus

Review Powers/Orders of operations on Khan Math Accelerator

Turn in Pictures for google classroom activity

Finish 1.3 , if not done. Review for quiz

Read the rest of Science World by Friday


1:00 - Extra Credit? See weekly schedule for opportunities (extensions)

Finish Africa Map/Finish Name Flag

1:30- Finish Week 1 Studies Weekly

2:00 - Read 30 Min. AR Book

2:30-Finish Reading Science World + Packet

Makeup any zeros and check grades on iGrade

2:45-Journal Prompt: Thursday, September 3rd

Imagine what it would be like to be adopted. What would the challenges, struggles and triumphs of

Being adopted? My wife is adopted!

3:00 Do Google Classroom activity 16 of 32 below have done it!

It’s due tomorrow.

Friday Asynchronous Classwork

1:00pm Turn in Photo in Google Class Pic 

+Finish Math Workbook p. 17+18 1.4 Prime Factorization

1:20pm Finish Math Quiz Redo

1:45pm Read 30min. AR

2:15pm Be up-to-date on all journal entries

Check grades at

No School Monday!

Tuesday Curriculum/Assignment drop off for grading

On Tuesday 8-6pm

Drop off Name Flags

Drop off Science World + Finished Packet

 Dear Parents,

We have made it through our second week together Distance Learning style. Our class is doing a fantastic job adapting to 6th grade procedures, curriculum and assignments. I wanted to let you know that there are THREE things to pickup on Monday 8am - 6pm: 

  • Our Studies Weekly Newspaper Week 1-6 and our 

  • Science World Magazine and 

  • Science World Packet

For those of you who have not done so, please sign up for the iGrade book and share the login information with your child so that they can see how they are doing in class. I e-mailed all of you invitations. If you didn’t receive it, check your junk mail and then e-mail me back. If you still don’t have the invite, I will resend it to you.

Each week I will send out the Weekly Overview Plan at 9am to the Google Classrooms. To view the schedule, simply click on the Classwork tab, then click Resources, and find the schedule posted. The kids can share this with you because they are already adept at locating everything!

I encourage each of you to check the blog and check-in with your child to make sure that they are doing the Asynchronous work each day. As the year progresses, they will become truly independent. However, at the start of the year, some definitely need more check-ins.

To clarify, each day we have Synchronous Learning with the teacher from 9:00am-12:20pm. Next, lunch is 12:20-1pm. Finally, they should be working on their Asynchronous work from 1-3pm. During this time, I am available for chat and video conferencing through Google Hangouts with students that need extra support.

Our Virtual Back to School Night Zoom will be on Tuesday, September 15th at 6pm for 6th grade.

Let me know if you have any questions, or concerns.

All the best,
Mr. Sweet