Sunday, November 27, 2011


Room 12 Update
Welcome back! That was a restful break.
* For the next three weeks our class will be reading stories from our HM Anthology that focus on the American Revolution. At home students will be able to read any AR book and do their summaries.
* In Writing we will be starting a an exciting Poetry Unit.
* In Math we will finish up Chapter 8 in HM, which is adding and subtracting mixed numbers with different denominators.
* In American History we are doing Museum Exhibits about one of the many original colonies. This will be mostly an in-class project, but the final drafts will be done at home.
* On Friday at 1pm our class will have the Big Spin with all of the 4th, 5th and 6th graders, which honors students that receive awards.
More to come!
Mr. Sweet

Read 20 minutes A.R. + Summary + Finish Science World p. 1-9
Math-p.75 in HM Wkbk + Saxon L61 odds
Writing-Write, or type on multiple choice question from Science World
Study Spelling-Test Friday

Read 20 minutes A.R.Finish Science World p. 10-18 (summary)
Math-p.79 in HM Wkbk + Saxon L63 evens
Colony Project-Begin researching your Exhibit Topics using the Internet
3 Parts-Art/Written/Chart
Study Spelling-Test Friday

Read 20 min. AR-Finish Science World-Write a summary about your favorite article
Math Finish L64 odds + HM p.81 (Subtracting Fractions)
Study Spelling
Continue Exhibit Project-(See exhibit contract paper for clarification)

Reading-Finish and Review Science World News + Read AR 20 minutes (Reading Comprehension Smart quiz Friday on Science World with student-generated questions)
Math-Finish Saxon Evens L65 + HM p. 83
Spelling-Study words for the Test
Study for DLR-Test Friday
Continue Colony Projects
BRING $2 for pizza

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Make your dish together
Go over Math L60 evens (We finished it in class)
You may correct and return mistakes on papers for a better grade.


Dear Parents,
* Tomorrow is pajama/stuffed animal/pillow/blanket day! The class has been just fantastic in their behavior and how hard they have worked, so tomorrow will be a fun day. I will give an extended period of silent reading time and they can curl up anywhere with their friends and read away...We will learn about the true roots of the original Thanksgiving along with some fun crafts and puzzles. The only homework will be cooking their dish to share. Hooray!

* Tuesday is a School Spirit Day-It is Twin Day. You may dress up together with as many people as you want!

Thank you so much to the parents who promptly returned the 3 options for the Feast on Tuesday. For those of you that have not
replied yet, you may reply to this email and fill in any gaps. We need side dishes and vegetables and a pasta dish. Here is the list of what students signed up for. My wonderful wife, Hilary, helped me put this together. Remember, you are invited!
1. Trevor-???
2. Aaron-Lemon Bars
3. Carter-???
4. Ellia-Stuffing
5. Elizabeth-Sprite
6. Ryan-Green Beans
7. Amy-Yams(The best)
8. Cooper-Candied Sweet Potatoes
9. Seth-Cornbread
10. Logan-Cranberry Fluff
11. Rowan-Bean and Cheese Tacos
12. Johan-???
13. Jack-Chocolate Pecan Pie
14. Ava-Biscuits
15. Jordan-Sparkling Apple Cider
16. Camille-???
17. Marcel-Apple Pie
18. Coral-???
19. Haley-Salad
20. Claire-Moose Droppings
21. Chance-Cornbread
22. Abby-"World Famous Mashed Potatoes"
23. Mac-Garlic Potatoes
24. Italia-???
25. Rowen Short-Plates and Utensils (I have napkins)
26. Josiah-Salad and Cranberry Sauce
27. Kody-Pumpkin Pie
28. Brynn-Chicken Divan
29. Bella-???
30. Casey-Turkey!!! Thank you!

The feast begins at 12pm on Tuesday. If you can bring hot dishes in just prior that would be ideal, but I understand if you are busy at work.

That's it for now.
Happy Thanksgiving Short School Week!
Mr. Sweet

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Reading-Read Ch. 37+38 (No summary)
Math-Finish Saxon L57
Vocabulary-Make a picture for your 10 favorite vocabulary words. (Learn the meanings of
all 20)
Art-Work on your Portrait of your medieval person

Reading-Read Ch. 40-42 (No summary)
Math-Finish Saxon L58 Evens
Vocabulary-Make a picture for your 10 favorite vocabulary words. (Learn the meanings of
all 20) (DUE FRIDAY)
Art-Work on your Portrait of your medieval person (We printed the photos up today)

Reading-Read Ch. 47-49 (No summary)
Math-Finish Saxon L59 odds
Vocabulary-Make a picture for your 10 favorite vocabulary words. (Learn the meanings of
all 20) (DUE FRIDAY)
Art-Work on your Portrait of your medieval person-DUE FRIDAY

Finish the Crispin Book
Math-Finish/Go Over Math Pre-Test (Saxon 9a)
Vocabulary-Study (No Spelling Test)
Finish Thankful Essay
Finish Vocab Art+Portrait

Our class is in their new groups and we are back to it for a full week of learning and fun. Report cards go home Monday so please sign and return the envelopes.

This week our class will finish reading Crispin and it will be the last week of vocabulary for three weeks. In addition, we will wrap up our Medieval Power Point Projects in the Computer Lab on Wednesday. Part of this assignment will be a portrait of their famous person. Each student will have all week to create their own portrait of their hero. We will print up a pic from the Internet and do the rough drafts in class on Monday and Tuesday. Students may use the paper I provide, or even get fancy and use a canvas. This art will be displayed on the wall in class.

In Math we will resume our work with fractions when we begin adding and subtracting mixed numbers with different denominators.

In writing we will begin our 5 paragraph essays about what we are thankful for. Finally, in American History we are learning about the original colonies and each group chose a colony to study.

Last, but not least, I have a tradition each year to have a Thanksgiving Feast. Each child signs up to bring some family dish and shares it with the class on Tuesday, November 22nd. Tomorrow I will send home the form and you can write down 3 of your favorite dishes. From this, I will e-mail the menu. Parents are all invited!

It's going to be a great week!
Mr. Sweet
"Where we use our hearts and minds well."

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Week of November 7-10th

Room 12!

We will only have class Monday - Thursday this week in observance of Veteran's Day.
As a result, our homework will not be the same this week. We will still be reading Crispin. In math we will continue our study of adding and subtracting fractions with different denominators. There will be no spelling this week. Hooray!
In class we are also continuing our famous person Power Point Project from the Medieval Times to extend our learning of the middle ages from Crispin. Each child will be researching using our computer lab. This also includes a portrait that will be drawn in class. One more thing, we will practice our speeches in class and at home for the presentations on Wednesday and Thursday. The speeches will be 2-5 min.
Finally, come and join the school at the Monday morning assembly when our class sings "Hey Soul Sister," reads two papers and leads the flag salute.

Math-Finish HM Fraction Review+SAXON L54 evens
Study 10 vocab words(They wrote the definitions on the pre-test)
Practice Speech

Homework TUESDAY
Reading-Read Ch.30+31+Summary
Math-Finish/Go over fraction HM Review: Test Thursday
Vocab.-Study 10 word meanings+usage
Practice Speech-They begin Wednesday

Reading -Ch. 32-34 + Summary
Finish Saxon L56 odds + Do Test Review on computer for fractions (Under Study Guides)
Study Vocab for test tomorrow
Practice Speeches